Skokie Cash Raffle

Why Chancex12 MAX?

Chancex12 MAX was born out of a desire to create an exciting and engaging way to support the Talmidim of Mesivta Shaarei Adirim in Skokie with a cash raffle that also benefits our charity givers across the world.

The raffle enables people to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the students and win great prizes for only $9!

Winners Help Out Winners

You have multiple chances to win with our cash raffle, and you support our Skokie area talmidim! Even if you don't hit a prize, you'll have the zechus of supporting the building of Bnei Torah. Your support is needed to empower our bochurim with self-confidence and life skills!

4 Reasons to Buy a Raffle Subscription

Chancex12 MAX is the $9 online raffle of multiple opportunities

So, if our grand prize wasn’t enough motivation, here are other reasons for you to subscribe

Directly Support our Talmidim

Flexible & Reliable Annual Subscription

4+ Prizes Each Month

Bonus Entry Opportunities

This is What You're Supporting With Chancex12 MAX

Your ticket is so much more than an opportunity to win big. Chancex12 MAX cash raffle enables the Skokie area yeshiva, Shaarei Adirim to build successful Bnei Torah!

Belief in the Talmidim

MSA’s Rebbeim and Staff exude positivity, constantly imparting the message of “you can do it”!


The Yeshiva is flexible, and adapts to every situation, bringing creative solutions to life’s challenges.


The Staff leads by example, as exemplary role models of personal growth, they inspire our talmidim to do the same.


Mesivta Shaarei Adirim empowers the talmidim for life, by instilling within them the principle “there is no such thing as I can’t”!

You can be part of this story by playing our raffle for hope benefitting a Skokie area talmidim and you can gain an opportunity to win $10,000

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