This is how it began

Chancex12 was born out of a desire to create an exciting and engaging way to support the Talmidim of Mesivta Shaarei Adirim.

The charitable raffle helps Skokie, enabling people to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the local Talmidim and win great prizes!

A Win-Win Opportunity!

Even if you don't win a prize, you will have the zechus of supporting the building of Bnei Torah. Your support with this local fundraiser for our Skokie talmidim is needed to empower our bochurim with self-confidence and life skills!

Didn't get the $10,000?

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3 $125 Amazon
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3 Winners Every Month‎


Roundtrip tickets to
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1 Winner Every Year (before Yom Tov)



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1 Winner Every Year (before Yom Tov)


1 Year of $100
Weekly Cash

Chanukah Gelt all year long!

1 Winner Every Year (on Chanukah)

Get your money's worth!

Steps to Win

1. Buy a subscription to Chancex12 – you choose your monthly amount of chances in the charity raffle supporting the Skokie area talmidim at Mesivta Shaarei Adirim!

2. Stay tuned to the monthly drawings: your name might be called

Chancex12 MAX tickets come with lower prices and higher rewards

Get your subscription and become our next winner!

They Joined Chancex12 and Won

Every month a new person joins the Chancex12 jackpot Winner Circle playing our raffle fundraising game benefiting Skokie’s Mesivta Shaarei Adirim. Stay tuned for drawings to find out if this month it's you!

Our Last Winner

Gavriel Mermelstein

Find out if you’ve won our charitable raffle to support Shaarei Adirim in Skokie!

We draw our winner’s names through livestreamed drawings

It’s you? Congrats! You will get a call to arrange everything. Then, just enjoy your prize!

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